Archaeological Information System
of the Czech Republic

The Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic (AIS CR) is a tool designed to integrate digital resources on Czech archaeology. Its main aim is to apply the information system of the Archaeological Map of the Czech Republic (AMCR) in practice, to enhance it and to link it to other data sources. The processing of databases for the territories of Moravia and Czech Silesia and their unification with already available databases from the territory of Bohemia plays a key part. AIS CR follows the FAIR principles and introduces new digital services for the archaeological community and the general public.

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Our services

The AIS CR creates, operates and develops following applications, services and databases available online:

Archaeological Map of the CR (AMCR)

The AMCR unites the basic archaeological infrastructure of the CR and offers tools to register fieldwork projects, collect metadata on fieldwork and their results, serves as a repository of secondary documentation and provides data for public use.

Digital Archive of the AMCR

Digital Archive is a web application used for browsing documents stored in the AMCR. It is fully connected to the AMCR and makes available all the documents including supplementary description and spatial data. Digital archive offers English interface and vocabularies.

Archaeological Atlas of the CR

The Archaeological Atlas presents archaeological monuments in the landscape in a popular way to the general public. It is an accompanying service of a publication of the same name, expanding its contents in a virtual environment. It offers full content in English.

Prague-Archaeological (MADP)

A web portal with the task to provide access to archaeological sources on the Capital City of Prague for professionals and the public. The website enables to visit the underground of Prague and to follow in the footsteps of Prague’s history.

Archaeology Online

A gateway presenting digital information sources related to the study of the past of Czech landscape and archaeology. Its aim is to open paths to data often difficult to access, provides orientation in existing infrastructures, record-keeping systems, tools and web portals.

Public API

The API offers a Data Provider service that provides metadata records from the AMCR database using the OpenArchives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). OAI-PMH implementation supports representation in native AMCR XML, CIDOC-CRM and Dublin Core.

Thesaurus of Archaeological Terminology (TEATER)

TEATER makes archaeological terminology available via an interactive interface, with emphasis on library applications. It consists of subject terms of national authorities, supplemented by many additional terms, descriptions and links.


The service deals with the collection and presentation of medieval cemeteries. All information is provided online and can be explored via a digital catalogue and within an interactive map. Cartographic visualisations as well as charts and plots are created dynamically based on real research data.


The Portal of Amateur Collaborators and Register of Individual Finds is an AMCR module aimed at managing information about individual finds collected during a surface surveys or sampling. It forms the framework for effective cooperation between professional public and amateur collaborators.

3D Library

AMCR 3D Library serves as a space for the systematic recording of archaeologically relevant three-dimensional models and textures. Its aim is not to store individual models, but to allow for their uniform expert description and to ensure their searchability in the AMCR Digital Archive environment.

Library of the IAB

The library collection focuses on the needs of the research conducted by the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in Brno. Currently more than 44,000 books are curated. Since 1999 the records have been kept in the ALEPH system. Entries on older titles are now being revised as part of the AIS CR project.

About the AIS CR infrastructure

The AIS CR is included in the Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic and financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The project is managed by the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in Brno, in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in Prague. The main tasks of the AIS CR infrastructure are:

⦿ gradual unification of the information systems on archaeological excavations, finds and sites on the territory of the CR and making them available through web interfaces and API services in view of effective data sharing;
⦿ expansion of the data sources and completion of the authority records on archaeological fieldwork and sites;
⦿ development and curation of digital archive of archaeological fieldwork records;
⦿ standardization and rising the interoperability of archaeological data, which will allow for cooperation on the international level;
⦿ supporting integration of the system into the scientific practice of the Czech archaeological community;
⦿ cultivation of the national and cultural identity by making available of information on archaeological heritage in the CR.

Research team in Brno (IAB):
Mgr. Olga Lečbychová (main coordinator, head of the archive), Mgr. Zdenka Kosarová (deputy coordinator), Mgr. Klára Matulová (project manager, PR), Hana Dokoupilová (administrator), Mgr. Tomáš Pavloň (archivist/AMCR manager), Mgr. Petr Pajdla (data manager), Mgr. Adam Gašpar (data manager/Archaeology Online administrator), Mgr. Lucia Ščasníková (photoarchive curator), Mgr. Anna Koudelková (research assistant), Mgr. Anežka Špinlerová (research assistant), Bc. Jakub Havlíček (research assistant), Bc. Hedvika Břínková (head of the library), Martina Šillerová (main cataloguer), Mgr. Jana Kalousová (cataloguer), Mgr. Stanislav Velčev (cataloguer/TEATER administrator), Barbora Mezihoráková (cataloguer), Bc. Alena Recmanová (cataloguer)

Research team in Prague (IAP):
Mgr. David Novák, Ph.D. (main infrastructure manager), PhDr. Martin Kuna, CSc., DSc. (research coordinator), Ing. Dana Křivánková (data steward), Mgr. Ondřej Švejcar, Ph.D. (AMCR manager), Mgr. Tomáš Krofta (archaeologist/archivist), Ing. Jitka Říhová (cartographer/archivist), Mgr. Zuzana Vlčková (archaeologist/archivist), Mgr. Markéta Augustýnová, Ph.D. (photoarchive curator), Mgr. Kristýna Malinková (research assistant), Mgr. Ondřej Baier (archaeologist/archivist), Bc. Tomáš Chlup (archaeologist/archivist), Ing. Michal Kmínek (IT manager), Ing. Čeněk Čišecký (IT manager), Mgr. Vojtěch Brožka (IT manager), PhDr. Dagmar Dreslerová, Ph.D. (landscape archaeologist), prof. PhDr. Martin Gojda, CSc. DSc. (remote sensing specialist), Mgr. Marcela Starcová, Ph.D. (head of the archive), PhDr. Ivana Boháčová, Ph.D. (coordinator of the MADP), Mgr. Jan Hasil, Ph.D. (manager of the MADP), Mgr. Kateřina Levá (manager of the MADP)

Archaeological Information System – Second Generation (AIS-2)

The objective of the AIS-2 project is to develop the domain-specific backbone infrastructure for Czech archaeology - AIS CR. The AIS-2 project is concerned with further developing this system, ensuring its long-term sustainability and improving the quality of the datasets and their usefulness for future research.

The project AIS-2 (CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_013/0001439) is funded by the European Union.

Research programmes and project activities of the AIS-2

⦿ Technical development of the infrastructure (key activity: completion, construction and upgrade of the infrastructure)
⦿ Development of the information content of the infrastructure (key activity: expanding the ais cr databases)
⦿ Support of the infrastructure synergy and scientific research (key activity: research activities based on the ais infrastructure)

Official partners and data providers: